Last Black Man Standing

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As the Last Black Man faced the possibility of his OWN demise, he decided to tape-record how he had been an eyewitness to the collapse and disappearance of his race on u.s. soil. He asks, SADLY AND rhetorically, while shaking his head from side to side, “What happened to my whole race of people, how were we forced into extinction??”

The following is his testament: “SINCE I am the ONLY survivor of MY RACE AND I can’t hurt anyone’s feelings anymore, I CAN SAY NOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID! (AND WHAT NEEDED TO BE SAID TO US ALL, BACK THEN!!)…



2 reviews for Last Black Man Standing

  1. jordon.richardson2014 (verified owner)

    “Our people are very serious about not being very serious, meanwhile white people are very serious about playing hardball against us, and this hardball is called genocide” – Dr. Kamau Kambon

    This is one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Kambon and this quote is perfect for this book. The book was a quick read, I liked it, and it has earned a spot in my top 10 books that black people need to read. The book starts off with a well-written dedication. Everything The Last Black Man Standing says is nothing, but the cold hard truth. If you need evidence just look around you and you will see all the “subtle suicide.” After, finishing this book it’ll have you asking yourself could you be The Last Black Man Standing or just a casualty of “subtle suicide?”

    *The download for the book was easy and simple.

    • Dr. Kamau Kambon

      I am immensely appreciative and deeply grateful for your comment about my book, The Last Black Man Standing. It took years to synthesize the actions of Black people who are participating in their own destruction in subtle ways. This book came to me from the ancestors so that I can give it to our Black nation.

      Meda ase. Thank you for spreading the word about the value of all my books which are written in the spirit of liberating our people.

      Abibifahodie! Black Liberation! ~ Dr. Kambon

  2. Corey

    I came across Dr. Kamau Kambon after being in a room where my grandparents were watching cspan or one of those networks. I wasn’t actually looking at the television but when he began to speak his words resonated within me as he told a story about the sacrifices that he and his wife and family made to exit themselves out of debt and subtle suicide. What I also realized was how pertinent and serious it was (is) for just one of us to come up with the way to systematically counter and carry out the mode of action needed on the ones that are currently and actively carrying out the democide and extermination against all Black people. Dr. Kambon realized something very early in life and he has dedicated his own life to spread the importance of what he has realized and what he knows our people need to understand. I thank the ancestors for him and his message.

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