A personal message to all the Blacknificent Afrikans

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A personal message to all the Blacknificent Afrikans

Who have written to me and especially to you who have made financial contributions to assist me in keeping my work going strong.

Over the years, I have received many, many letters of support and some financial contributions- because of some limitations, I am not able to respond to your questions and other inquiries. As a result of not having much assistance, I could not respond to your letters or posts.

But please know that I am enormously appreciative, deeply grateful and profoundly thankful each and every one of you Blacktastic Afrikans for all of your support. I am very pleased to be connected to you- you, the sincere and who put your money where your mouth and black liberation are the end game for us all.

You who support my work by buying my books, reading my deep thought analyses about our Afrikan mission, I cherish each and every one of you.

since I am unable to reach each one of you, I am sending this general, but specific message to you and hope the ancestors and Grandcestors protect you with divine supreme complete, comprehensive, compound fortified spiritual protection from all negative energies.

Please accelerate and intensify your support of my books and work.

Meda ase, meda ase, meda ase

Black liberation- Abibifahodie



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