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I have listened to your show over the span of years and am appalled at the programming relative to how you and your staff categorize and characterize Black people. Usually, if and when you have a program that features Black people, the program stereotypes Black people into the following categories:

  1. Some form of Black Pathology-Black pathology redemption- “he was homeless or in prison and made amiraculousrecovery”-
  2. Enslavement- Afrikans were never “slaves” but were enslaved and prisoners of the war waged against them by white people- generational residual effects of the enslavementprocess
  3. Your other programs about Black people aretypicalracist categorization projecting Blacks as entertainers, dancers, singers, musicians,athletesor otherbuffoons,clowns and/orsambos

Given the fact that you are heard all over the country, the message you are conveying to your largely white listening audience is Black people have no history, have made no significant contribution to the march of human history and are relegated to the lowest rung on the human chain. Given the fact that you can find a professor of economics in California, but never contact a Black economic giant like Dr. Claud Anderson, who resides in Washington D.C. and has written powerful books on economics-“Black Labor, white wealth”- and “Powernomics” or never were able to find a colossal economic guru like Dr. George Fraser- his great book is “Success Runs in Our Race” and he has a stellar National Economic Networking Conference every year that draws thousands of business persons- nor could you find James economist James Clingman, or examine the work of now Grandcestor Dr. Amos Wilson or find the still classic work of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, and speak with the current President General, Senghor Baye-El, who is also right there in D.C. clearly demonstrates to me the shameful and

disgraceful perpetuation of your racist mentality and jaundiced view of the world “for whites only.”

Furthermore, to show clearly your shortsightedness about the gargantuan contributions of Afrikans to the in setting the world stage for humanity- right under your racist nose is our very own Dr. Anthony Browner, a premier archeologist and Egyptologist, who’s world class book is “Nile Valley Contributions to

Civilizations”-a book used as a text in high schools and universities throughout the country- no, he’s right there in D.C. but you couldn’t find him!

More, neither you nor your staff could find the plethora of Black neurosurgeons, architects, engineers, glorious Black independent schools or principals, could find any bankers, political analysts and forecasters, world observers who bring critical analyses to issues of great importance, couldn’t find Black parents, mothers and fathers who are raising healthy Black children, mentally physically and spiritually, couldn’t find honor roll Black students in white university settings, couldn’t find any top Black business owners, couldn’t find community leaders, couldn’t find any Black people doing serious community organizing. Hey Diane, I am sure if you searched hard enough, you would have found some of the hundreds of Black Social workers and their National Association of Black Social Workers and discovered the Blacknificent work they are doing. While you were searching for only white guests to interview, you passed right by the International Association of Black Psychologists and you and your illustrious staff missed their international conference, held a few weeks ago right there in Arlington, Va. that brought Clinical Psychologists in from South Afrika, the U.K., Brazil, Jamaica and all around the u.s.a. Sorry you did not get a chance to interview some of the sterling workshop theorists or participants- all certified and credentialed.

In all the years you have been on the radio, right there in D.C. sorry you intentionally missed interviewing Black owners of the various Vegan restaurants, or the Black owners of the Blue Nile Herbal shop or the Black owners of Sankofa store on Georgia Ave. Wait a minute! Your great sleuth staff missed contacting the very, very articulate hosts on WPFW, right there under their noses, in D.C.

In closing, I am appalled at how you so skillfully perpetuated the stereotypes of Black people by not showing the broad range of the brilliance of authentic people all around you. I suggest you read the book by Ralph Ellison, “Invisible Man”- cause to you and your white cohorts, Black people, except for entertainers, Black pathology, and “slaves”, Black people are INVISIBLE- AND THAT’S WHY I SAY YOU SHOULD ALSO GO BACK AND READ THE NATIONAL PRESS CONFERENCE AWARD SPEECH GIVEN YEARS AGO BY SWINTON, IN WHICH IN SAID, IN PART, “IF ANY OF YOU JOURNALISTS TOLD THE TRUTH, YOU’D BE OUT OF A JOB TOMORROW AND WALKING THE PAVEMENT.”

So, So, Diane, over the years, you have been very cagey, crafty and slippery by consciously or unconsciously, teaching white people that Black people are not worthy to be on The Diane Rehm Show”

I certainly hope who ever sits in your seat doesn’t have a truncated and jaundiced view of the world in which white people are but 1/10th of the world’s population but control the world with their weapons and fake money-

I know your cracker jack team of researchers scour the land to find and bring onto your show the best and the brightest-so they thought- however, they failed miserably to look right under their noses for the whole truth and nothing but the truth-especially regarding the false and wanton illegal incarceration of our BLACK PRISONERS OF WAR-OUR POLITICAL PRISONERS.

Yes, Diane! Over the last 40 plus years, the so-called government has setup Black people seeking self-determination by concocting and manufacturing “evidence”-as in the case of Jijaga Pratt, Mumia Abu Jamal, Jamil Al Amin, Leonard Peltier-and hundreds more. There is an avalanche of evidence to show that in most, if not all cases, DA’s lied, hid exculpatory facts, coerce jurors, lied to judges, and then went home to celebrate thanksgiving with their children while innocent Black people languished in the hellholes called the prison industrial complex.

Did your sleuth staff come across an organization called The Jericho Movement? This is an extremely dedicated organization-committed to the core-to support and win the release of all political prisoners who have been railroaded into prison because they wanted LIBERATION FROM UNDER white tyranny in Black communities: police brutality, poor housing conditions, horrible schools run by ignorant administrators and equally woeful white female and male “teachers “When you have a chance, read the books “Death at an Early Age” “white Architects of Black Education”, “Kill Them Before They Grow”, “Rearing Afrikan Children Under Enemy Occupation”, “Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys” And don’t even talk about the “food” -served in schools-see the book “Drugs Masquerading as Food”

Those who we see as our Prisoners of War-our Black Political Prisoners, through their representatives in the Jericho Movement should have, no doubt, had a booming voice on the Diane Rehn Show, if you and your staff were for real. Well, you all did a great job faking out your largely white listening audience-they remained totally ignorant of the broader real world=through your efforts, your audience never learned that most of the inventions that are in use today came from the minds and hands of brilliant Black people-scientists, engineers, scholars, deep thinkers who were cheated out of their inventions by, guess who? The lazy white male.

It’s amazing that your largely white “middle class”- (no such creature ever existed – it’s a trick) will continue to use millions and millions of gallons of water to water lawns and golf courses, visit Disney in record numbers, ride around in golf carts and jet ski white their fake lives cause the extinction of fish, the coral reefs, birds and bring humanity, itself, to the brink of extinction. But despair not, while white people continue to drive gas guzzlers and eat lobsters and drink themselves into oblivion, Black people are STANDING BY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS- WE, AFRIKANS ARE THE FIRST PEOPLE OF THE PLANET, WE KNOW WHAT JUSTICE LOOKS LIKE AND, IN THE END, WE WILL, AS ALWAYS, COME TO THE RESCUE-ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS NOT WAIT FOR hollywood producers or Diane Rehm-but pool our own resources and get our own. By the way, try reading the seminal work of our Grandcestor Queen Mother, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and our giant, critical thinker, Baba Neely Fuller.

Certainly, I would be remised if I did not ask you and your super smart staff of researchers did you ever have the critical analyzer on by the name of DICK GREGORY? You Know, the one that is the top researcher in this country! You know the one who can give your largely ignorant white audience the scoop on the

J.F.K, M.L.K., & Ron Brown assassinations. You know, the Black, right there in Washington, D.C., who is the strongest advocate of veganism, saving the ecology- eco-systems, oceans-of the earth-while he marches and fasts for 40 days, and more, to protest against injustice, false mass incarceration of Blacks, men and now women. Yeah, that Mr. Dick Gregory, one of the most truthful and astute political and social analyst in the country- hiding in plain sight-right under your middle-class noses.

In that vein, and while you are busy uncovering the real truth- you can’t handle the truth- check out Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow: The Mass Incarceration of Blacks”- the title should be the false mass incarceration of Blacks that coincides with the King Alfred Plan and the Global 2000 report-among others.

There are two last important points, for the record:

1.)     A very provocative and highly scholarly organization, in existence for decades, located in Washington, D.C., has continued to advance the seminal work of Diop and Obenga uncovering a preponderance of evidence. Probably to your shock and surprise, that the original inhabitants of Kemet, falsely misnamed Egypt by the barbarians known as the greeks, WERE 100% AFRIKAN! Moreover, the so-called “greek scholars”, themselves, wrote about studying at the feet of the Afrikans who inhabited Kemet, itself translating to, “THE LAND OF THE BLACKS”. We Afrikans who a great debt of gratitude to our beloved Dr. Ben Jochannan and George G. M. James (his book is “Stolen Legacy”) the scholars in the Kemetic group of which I speak, can read and write METU NETER, misnamed, again by the greeks, the hieroglyphs. Let’s give credit where credit is due and stop misleading your largely white

listeners –bring some real knowledge to them so they can extend the scope of their own thinking.

2.)     The second point is that the major corporations, if you did not know, began as fledging companies-until they got into cahoots with the police and came up with the scam called “convict leasing”-again, falsely incarcerating Blacks on trumped up charges like vagrancy, loitering and a host of other make believe charges-just like is done today.

This ties into the major corporations today that are, to me, nothing more than pimps that pay lobbyists, who prostitute themselves for money and then who go to conned gross-persons, who prostitute themselves for money. I. too, as a youngster, was tricked by the diagram about “how a bill becomes a law” I said, “wow, this is intricate”! But now that I know about A L E C. and the laws are written and shoved down the throats of the conned-gross-men, and passed onto a duped citizenry, I know now that whoever has the most money to pay off the politicians, wins.

What a giant con game, a charade-foisted upon the unsuspecting people- who are too busy to pay attention to chemtrails, GMOs, deadly vaccines, poisoned water as they go on eating hot dogs, pizzas and playing video games and going to endless concerts and watching movies that hold life meaningless and the star of the moves kills 90 bad guys.

I take full responsibility for the content of this communication- this was not endorsed by anyone I may have mentioned in this letter nor am I a part of any cultural, economic, educational, social, health, religious, political or military group and

I SPEAK FOR NO ONE BUT ME (and all those millions of Afrikans who were tricked, captured, enslaved, terrorized, brutalized, tortured, raped, maimed, hanged, castrated, boiled in oil, beheaded, and whose bodies are at the bottom of the Afrikan Ocean-wrongly named the Atlantic Ocean- and all those whose names we will never know and are buried in shallow graves in swamps.)

Addenda and Special Considerations & Homework

It is not my responsibility to try to educate the masses of ignorant white people about the historical and chronological facts about the origin of civilization, the gargantuan contributions of Afrikans to the march of humanity and the basis of mathematics, science, astronomy, medicine, and the seminal concepts of family, community and nation. Therefore, it is up to you and your staff to get the books, “Egypt on the Potomac”-to actually see the concrete evidence that demonstrates how Washington, D.C. was designed as an imitation or copycat version of Ancient Kemet- the greeks were the first and official identify thieves- they stole everything from Kemet- also make an extra effort to get and read “Afrika Mother of Western Civilization”, “The Destruction of Black Civilization” and stop reading all of Ayn Rand’sbooks!

Contact all your media friends and cohorts, especially contact movie producers (code work for people who are hiding their real motives for financing movies and television programs designed to assassinate and destroy the image and integrity of Black people), and others and prevail upon them, once you know the pure truth, and use your sway to tell them that a statistically significant number of conscious Afrikans don’t dig the white people who project us- by paying off those among us who are less conscious or are in dire need of money that’s why the federal reserve should be abolished- only as criminals, thugs, gangsters, pimps, cops, detectives, generals, vice-presidents, even presidents, supporting a deviant system.

Furthermore, please convey to your associates that we really don’t appreciate how they, especially in Hollywood, have characterized the Goddess and Queen Mother of the planet earth, the Blacknificent Black Woman, as a “bitch, a ho’ and nigger” Those words and concepts did not exist or was never expressed in our Black communities-until it was injected, like a poison, into the minds our youth coming through movies and video games, The place called “Hollywood” has always been a menace to the image of Black people and I encourage the people to actually identify, by name, all those who continue to destroy the image and integrity of all Black people- below is a link to a video entitled, “Ethnic Notions” that shows how far back the assassination of the Black image and the Black family. Contrary to the crap projected in the media about Black people being buffoons and ignorant, we promote: absolutely no use of alcohol or drugs, absolutely no partying and driving around late at night, we promote veganism and a healthy lifestyle- because your

lifestyle determines, usually, your death style- we don’t believe in mistreating, hitting, hustling or molesting Black women – we follow Dr. Welsing’s counsel no shacking up-get married and raise a family- no television or cable in your home, educate yourself, the schools are not designed to educate Black people, support positive Black-owned businesses- don’t shop where you don’t see your people working- don’t support the big box stores or corporations that are part of and make their profits off of the prison industrial complex- keep where you live clean-start block associations-don’t throw trash in the streets- protect the children, respect each other- disband gangs and stop the killing- don’t celebrate a culture that is not your own- if you do, you show your miseducation and how foolish you are- don’t spend money you don’t have- don’t use credit cards and definitely don’t go into debt buying a lot of crap because you are brainwashed and trying to impress your foolish “friends”- don’t be an economic slave-live below your means- don’t buy big luxury cars- supporting an auto industry that gives you nothing in return but a depreciated vehicle as soon as you drive it off the lot- don’t be tricked by hustler ministers in big-or small churches- know that everything you do is political- we promote education and being smart- get skills-carpentry, electrician, plumbing, auto mechanic- save your money for a rainy -emergency day- we know we will have an emergency and we can’t rely on anyone else to help- these are just someof the ideas and practices we promote-along with settling all differences. AND RESPECT OUR ELDERS- don’t listen to the Black FM radio stations-they have sold out for advertising money and promote only madness and low life styles- and we promote saving electricity by turning off lights, don’t take long showers- conserve water- andmore.

Also, take a close look at the other video, also out of the University of California, at Berkley, entitled “Color Adjustment.”

Since public education has always been horrendous, really it should be identified as the miss-education system, it will be refreshing for you, your staff, and all of your media friends to go out now and get a real education and stop perpetuating further ignorance and miss-information.

If you don’t see the link, go to youtube and type in “Ethnic notions” and, after viewing, go back to youtube and type in, “color adjustment”


Projection: a psychological term describing one “projecting” her/his/their own negative characteristics-liars, cheaters, deceivers, niggers, bitches, ho’s, mammies, maids, lazy, jealous, envious, low life, oversexed, buffoons. uneducated. depraved. violent, welfare recipients, etc. onto another person or group- now look at the media and how they characterize Black people- so all these identifications and descriptions are really the characteristics and behaviors of those in Hollywood and other media formations- they are not really describing Black people- they are really, and truly, describing themselves- but they don’t have the guts to come right out and say who they really are portraying in film.

Propaganda techniques-

There are 7 basic propaganda techniques used to disparage groups, people and/or nations- in order to deflect the truth about the one(s) pushing the propaganda- propaganda is another word for lie-liar

Band wagon, card stacking, glittering generalities, name calling-media do this much with Black people- plain folks talk, testimonial, transfer- you can look these up yourself

This all boils down to government employees-officials-working with hollywood and other media sources to put forward an agenda of psychological, cultural, educational and political genocide against Black people- and like the Black 7-year-old said years ago, in his brilliant lecture

“I know whatcha doin’ and why ya doin’ it” Dr. Kamau Kambon- 8/17/16

If there are any errors in this document, it is because of computer problems, but the content and the message are accurate from my Afrikan perspective.



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