dr kamau kambon speaking in philadelphiaDr. Kamau Kambon is a Brooklyn, New Yorker, and collegiate athlete who went on to achieve a Doctorate in Education. Over the last 40 years, he has been a champion for Black liberation. He taught for 18 years, at a historically Black College teaching future teachers how to liberate the minds of our children. Dr. Kamau Kambon is the consummate father, husband, family man, and example of Afrikan warriorhood. He and his wife moved to North Carolina soon after they began their family. Together they built their own log cabin home in the woods, raised three successful community-oriented children, and continue to be community elders and parents for countless younger people on the path locally and around the world. He is also, an entrepreneur, author, warrior elder, scholar, leader, and revolutionary, dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of the Afrikan Liberation philosophy. He received numerous honors from the Afrikan community. For his legacy contribution to the Global African community, in 2018 he was nominated and became a Paragon Leader (click to read profile). He is a warrior for total Liberation of Afrikan People throughout Space and Time from under white world terror domination. Today he continues to do interviews with audiences at Black community events about how people can get their “selves together”. He also does private consultants for brothas and sistas who want the wisdom and elder guidance of the warrior solutions.