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I neither fancy myself as a leader nor a hero. I am Afrikan, and see mySelf connected to Afrikans all over the world.

I want Freedom for all Black people.I want Freedom for all Black people.


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Personal Profile of Dr. Kamau Kambon



  1. I am Afrikan, and see mySelf connected to Afrikans all over the world.
  2. I am Vegan and have not consumed any pork, beef, chicken, or fish in 29 years; I consume no eggs, no cheese, no milk, no ice cream or other dairy products and have followed this lifestyle for 29 years. I drink no sodas, coffee or consume junk food: French fries, chips, etc. I consume no refined sugars: no white sugar, no turbinado, sucrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, saccharine, sweet and low, cane juice or whatever other sweeteners are on the market. I consume no white flour products or white salt, food additives or coloring in foods.
  3. I consume no alcohol and have not had any alcohol in over thirty years; I was never an alcoholic.
  4. I am not homosexual or a child predator
  5. I do not smoke cigarettes or any other drug.
  6. I have never taken any drugs and do not take, nor have I taken, any prescription medication in thirty years
  7. I try to go to sleep before 10 PM because the search says that if one goes to sleep before 10:00 PM, every hour of sleep after 12 midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep-I seldom sleep late, and usually am awake by 4:30 AM and work 14-16 hours every day
  8. I try to exercise 2 to 3 times every week because the research says this will keep the body healthy. I try to drink ½ my body weight in ounces of water everyday and this is of great benefit
  9. My blood pressure is at its optimum best and in my last physical, about a year ago, the doctor said that, barring getting run over by a car, I should live to be very old.
  10. I have no chest pains and have not had a headache in over 33 years and have not had even an aspirin in 33 years
  11. For the record, I am neither despondent, nor have I ever been suicidal. I love living, and enjoy nature and animals immensely. I love jazz & hoop.
  12. I am neither a member of a fraternal, civic, religious, political, nor social group; nor have I ever been a member of any cult, sect, gang, martial arts club, military group, or any national or international movement of any kind.
  13. I neither fancy myself as a leader nor a hero
  14. I pay my entire share of taxes and never evade paying taxes.
  15. I have never been to jail or to prison and do not have a prison record.
  16. I do not have any real luxury items, nor am I interested in obtaining any, and drive a car that is 15 years old
  17. I am happily married to the same Afrikan woman for almost three decades and I have never had an illicit affair outside of my marriage. My philosophy is that if a man has an affair outside of his marriage, the very next day he should file for and get a divorce. I have no children out of wedlock.
  18. Over the course of my life, I have never intentionally physically harmed anyone, and am polite, express good manners, generally quiet with not much to say and do not hate anyone.
  19. I have not celebrated a european holiday since around 1970
  20. I read a lot and am interested in most subjects: science, culture, economics, education, psychology, oceanography and more.
  21. I never want to do anything to harm or hurt Black people; I love Black people and seek protection for them, and myself and family, and want Black people, as well as myself and family, to have much abundance, and abundance here means: access, without restriction or penalty, to clean fresh drinkable water, healthy uncontaminated, non-genetically modified foods, to be able to breathe clean fresh air, be free of addictions, and live a simple basic life that does not impinge on others, the land, the water or the air or animals.
  22. I want all of the various groups-the chinese, the japanese, the south koreans, east indians, arabs, and the whites to stop messing with Black people, wherever Black people are on this earth. I want to see an end to the national and international Black Holocaust in the areas of psychology, culture, education, economics, social relations, on jobs, on the highways and in all of the areas of life activity.
  23. I do not want to be killed by the government or any white or Black person –or any other person for that matter- who does not like what I have had to say. I am merely reporting the historical facts and the facts speak for themselves. Anything that I have said is verifiable and anyone can go and look up the same information, if they want to become an educated person. I do not want white people or Black people, or any other people to be intentionally mis-educated, dis-informed, or victimized into making inappropriate decisions based on mis-information. I want the problem solved so Black people no longer suffer needlessly –not because they are Black, but rather because those bringing the harm are white-those who bring the harm just because they have power, guns, money, or information.
  24. I want to live in a country, this country, where the soil is soaked with the blood of my people, at the hands of white people, overtly and covertly, and not be afraid to travel because people will be angry with me for giving them an analysis to a problem too long unsolved, yet they have the ability, but not the will to solve it.
  25. I want to live in a country where the media have the awesome power to make the whole world enchanted with and love a little cartoon mouse and a goofy dog, so much that people will work hard all year long to save enough money and then spend millions and millions of dollars to travel from the far corners of the earth to visit a mouse, that is not even real. People, white people, say, “it doesn’t matter if you are white, yellow, Black or green” Well apparently, white people prefer green; because they can get the whole country to bring out the welcome wagons for a little green frog, who is traveling around the country being celebrated. The media, and those with influence, can get the whole country to take time out to celebrate, and go wild, over a little green fake toy named Kermit the Frog. If the media, and those who wield influence and power, can do that, they ought to easily be able to enchant the same world with the marvel, accomplishments, scientific inventions, paradigms and yet to be realized abilities of the Black Man and the Black Woman. If the media wanted to, if they simply so decided, they can literally change minds-we have been pleading and asking them to change the image they have been projecting of Black people from the 1850’s to the present. Change now.
  26. Thirty years ago a white co-worker asked me, “What do Black people want”? I can now answer that question for myself and no one else, after years and years of deep, deep study, attending hundreds of lectures, purchasing tapes, buying books, etc:
  27. I want our store, cultural center, and ventures to manifest in a strong, fruitful and positive way by bringing Black people from all over to our place and, in turn, the Afrikan spirit will be rekindled, renewed and flourish throughout the land.
  28. I want Freedom for all Black people

Dr. Kambon holds a B.A. Degree in education/history from a university in New England, has a master’s degree in physical education from a university in New England, has both a M.A. And a M. Ed. Degree in education/administration from an Ivy League school, and an Ed. D. In urban education/curriculum and instruction from an Ivy League School.. Over the course of eighteen years, Dr. Kambon served as an assistant professor at a HBCU in the south and has taught general psychology, tests and measurements, educational psychology, teaching of reading, seminars in education, modern elementary school, methods in science and mathematics, methods in secondary education, and methods in the social sciences. He also has been certified as a high principal, curriculum specialist –at the doctoral level-and a language arts teacher, K-12. Over the past seven years, Dr. Kambon has taught Introduction to Black Studies and Introduction to Afrikan Civilization at the University level. Although not practicing, Dr. Kambon holds a degree in naturopathy.
• In addition to the above, Dr. Kambon served as a counselor and then director, for three years, of a pre-matriculation program for pre-college students that focused on their intensive and enhanced development in reading, comprehension, test-taking skills, study skills, mathematics and exposure to a vast cultural experience. This program produced outstanding results and received national acclaim: some of the graduates
went on to become admission directors of several different universities and one became a millionaire. There were many other major success stories as a result of this pre-college experience. Dr. Kambon received an award for his service to the program.
• Dr. Kambon taught high school social studies and geography for two years in New England
• Director of a summer program, two years, for middle school-junior high school students in the inner city: Dr. Kambon coordinated this foundation funded summer program that worked intensively with inner city youth to build and enhance their academic abilities in language arts, mathematics, and culture. Dr. Kambon received an award for outstanding service to this program-one of the students later received a full scholarship in filmmaking.
• Dr. Kambon created J.I.E.P., Juvenile Intervention and Enlightenment Program, designed to take inner city youth to visit inmates in prison. This program, a very successful one, was modeled after the “Scared Straight Program”
• Dr. Kambon designed, created, and successfully implemented, an Intervention Alternative Program, a funded program, that hired college students as counselors to work with in-coming high school students and not only give them appropriate counseling, but also assist them with their homework and visit the parents to give updates on students’ academic and social development.
• Dr. Kambon was the coordinator, and academic advisor, of an Adult External College Degree Program in which he designed the liberal arts curriculum for the adults that enabled them to fulfill all academic requirements for graduation. Three years
• Dr. Kambon designed a Child Abuse Prevention Program for parents, primarily mothers, to assist them in learning and implementing effective emotional and psychological strategies to reduce anger relative to their interaction with their child(ren). This was a two-year program that was successful.
• Dr. Kambon was the director of an inner city summer camp program, for three years, and was responsible for sending hundreds of children to their first positive experience outside of the home. Three years.
• Dr. Kambon had a proposal funded that enabled him to design and implement a HomeWork Helper Program that had college level students in educational psychology help elementary school children learn effective study skills, successfully complete their homework in language arts and use educational computer games to learn mathematics. This program was in effect for 10 years, 9 weeks each semester, and served over 650 children and enabled over 125 college students to have a wholesome pre-student teaching experience.
• Dr. Kambon served as an evaluator in The Governor’s School Program that evaluated transcripts of gifted and talented students, who generally scored on the 97-98th percentile on their standardized tests. Students selected were able to attend a special summer program that permitted them to focus on their particular interests in either the arts or the sciences/mathematics. Out of about 700-800 students recommended by superintendents, principals, state legislators and teachers, only 150 were selected for each of the two state sites. Dr. Kambon received state recognition for his three years of service.
• Dr. Kambon was admitted to “Who’s Who Among College Professors” for two different years. He has two plaques honoring and denoting his achievements.
• Dr. Kambon was nominated three times and selected once, as “Professor of the Year”, by a college-wide student survey, as an outstanding teacher in teacher education.
• Dr. Kambon has numerous community awards and college citations for his services over the course of thirty years. He has appeared on numerous television and news programs discussing such topics as: “Kwanzaa”, “The Unsolved Murders of Black Women-Are the Police All They Can? “Food and Health of Black People”, “Academic Achievement of Black Children and the Role of Parents in Education”, and “Community Development”.
• As an “educational imperative”, Dr. Kambon’s philosophy is to never inject his personal opinions in the classroom setting. Students are always presented with an issue, a problem, a topic or a subject and asked to do further research, “and double check and triple check”, to verify and ascertain the authenticity, or dubiousness, of the topic, issue or problem. Part of this pedagogical approach is based on the idea that
“students cannot, or should not, just sit in the classroom and expect to “get an education”. Students must get up and go and extend their own education and learning, because the most lasting learning is self-initiated learning”. “Research, Research, Research; read everything and be a lifelong learner” It is vitally important for students to examine and question everything, and everyone-regardless of the person’s title, credentials, wealth, or stature- and not base judgments and decisions on “how I feel” or “what I believe”, or “what I think” or “what I know”, because there is a universe of knowledge that must be examined. There is enormous discussion, in the school setting and in the workplace, surrounding the value and importance of critical thinking; however, well beyond the importance of focus on critical thinking, critical listening and critical evaluation are perhaps essentially more significant components in the learning process and experience. It is recommended that students, on all levels, listen to the news with critical eyes and ears and ask, “What is the real meaning of this particular story and is it the truth”? “Are there underlying implications, or hidden meanings, that are not being conveyed in the story”? “Was the entire story or issue forthrightly articulated or was the story used to perpetuate a certain agenda or promote one of the propaganda techniques: name calling, testimonial, glittering generalities, band wagon (everybody’s doing this or that; so should you), plain folks, etc. Ultimately, it is the job of each individual to get up off the couch, get off the golf course or the basketball court, get out of the malls, and get your own education and learn how to actually think for yourself, instead of having others think for you.

Question #3
• David Walker’s Appeal
• We Charge Genocide: William Patterson/Paul Robeson
• The Man Who Cried “I Am”- John Williams
• Count-Down to Black Genocide-Saggittarus
• Who Needs the Negro- Sidney Wilhelm
• Moniyhan Report-Daniel Patrick Moniyhan
• Global 2000 Report-population control-depopulation
• Are You Still A Slave? - - How Not to Eat Pork—S. Ali
• The Black Holocaust for Beginners- - S.E. Anderson
• Somebody’s Trying to Kill You –the Psychodynamics of white racism and Black Pathology- H. Davidson, Ph.D.
• The Slaughter-Carroll Case
• Tribalism, Mysticism, Primitivism, and the Rise of Genocide Against the African World- B. Shakari
• Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma- S.Latif
• How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America- - M. Marable
• Breaking the Spirit of the American Black Male- S. Bradley
• Work of Arthur Jensen, Charles Murray, Wm Shockley
• Savage Inequalities- and Death at an Early Age- Jonathan Kozol
• Kill Them Before They Grow-Michael Porter
• Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization—Survival Strategies for African Americans
• 500 Years of European Behavior- Nana Butweiku II
• Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey
• Malcolm X Speaks to Young People—The Autobiography of Malcolm X
• Afrikan Holistic Health--- Nutricide—(health and nutrition)
• Schooling the Younger Generations about the Politics of Prison-Mumia
• Know Thy Self- - - Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery
• Isis Papers-
• United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept-
• From Superman to Man--- 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro- J.A. Rogers
• The Destruction of Black Civilization—Dr. Chancellor Williams
• See United Nations definition of “genocide”
• See the work of R.J. Rummel on “Democide”
• Learn about the principles of Ma’at
• Afrikan Woman, the Original Guardian Angel- Dr. Barashango
• Afrikan People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide-Vol. 1 & 2 - - Dr. Barashango
• Goddess Black Woman- Akil
• Dressed to Kill, The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras- Singer and Grismaijer
• Black Women, For Beginners- S. Sharpe
• Economic Solutions- P. Kershaw
• The Natural Genius of the Black Child- Blueprint for Black Power—Black on Black Violence- -Dr. Amos Wilson
• The Best of the Little Known Black History Facts-V. Robinson
These, then, are just a small sample of the books that are available to you, if you so desire to increase your knowledge and education. Don’t be afraid of learning; it will take learning, and analysis, to solve the problem
Dr. Kambon is author of four books:
• "Black Guerrilla Warfare in amerika: a Peoples' Manual and Manifesto on Resistance and Survival" ·(Out of Print)
• Tips on Quick and Easy Ways Afrikans Can Commit Subtle Suicide" (Out of Print0
• "Food Health and You: Why Black People Die So Young" ·
• "The Case For A Class Action Educational Malpractice Lawsuit", monograph in, "To Heal A People", Kujichagulia Press, 1996
* “The Last Book”, featuring “The Last Black Man Standing”, has received worldwide acclaim and has been performed in high schools, colleges and churches from California to Florida to New York.
Yes! I did not have a real opportunity to remark on the profound significance and the importance of the conference theme regarding the media.
For over thirty years, thirty-five, to be exact, I have been acutely aware of the role of media and the extensive psychological and emotional damage they do to Black people.
(The word “media” is a plural word that refers to a collective: radio, T.V., print, and now electronic; therefore whenever using the word “media” the verb “are” should follow) For your information, the same is true for the word, “data”- the data are-is accurate.
I have written letters to major hollywood studios (admonishing them about showing old tarzan movies that misrepresent the true image of Afrika and the portrayal of Afrikan people as savages), I have written to television stations about their poor characterizations and negative portrayals of Blacks, written to radio stations and even to some magazines and college bulletins about how they demean Black people by presenting them in a slanted fashion.
When we talk of fighting against the media, we are actually talking about fighting against a “psychological system”, a “cultural system”, an “economic system” and, among others, a “social system”, all purposely designed to continue to perpetuate to other white people, to Black people and to the whole world, for some unknown reason, that Black people are not very bright, generally, that Blacks are clowns, buffoons, thugs, criminals, “niggaz”, “bitches” and “ho’s”. Why is this still being done, after thirty years of telling the white people they need to stop their misrepresentations of Black people to Black people and the world?
The projection of the negative images of Blacks goes way back in time, but for our purposes, this discussion will stay confined to Black people here in the u.s a. Some of the first negative portrayals of Blacks go back as far as the 1830s’, 1840’s and 1850’s. In order to rationalize or justify the brutal enslavement of Black people, white people had to declare that Blacks were “savages” (in psychology, this is referred to as “projection”), child-like, incapable of taking care of themselves, or, if they were left alone to take care of themselves, they would bungle it so badly, they would have to eventually go back to white people to get themselves straight. So, in order to justify, and maintain, the enslavement process, white people created about five, or more, IMAGES of Blacks to project to the world. Now, before I go forward
with this, it is important to say here that white people are excellent at giving their VISION OR VERSION of reality. A version of something means it is not the original; a version is simply an imitation of, or a piece of, the original. For example, the great singer and song stylist, Nat “King” Cole sang one of the most popular and best selling songs ever when he sang, “The christmas Song”. His was the original; yet many, many, many other singers have given their rendition, or version, of this song, only to fail to sing it better than Nat. These other singers sang their VERSION of the song and the version can, in some cases be good, but the VERSION can never be better than the original. Although you may not like the comparison, the king james’ “VERSION” of the bible is another example of a false and concocted VISION or VERSION, of actual sacred texts, coming from the perspective of white people. The king james’ VERSION of the bible is just that, a VERSION; again, the VERSION can never be better than the original. Therefore, it would be in the self-interest of Black people to go and find the original, because it is the authentic. It is vitally important to put, and keep, in mind that the VERSION is never the ORIGINAL; it is only a fraction of, a piece of, a fake copy of, a portion of, or an imitation of the ORIGINAL.
Getting back to the issue of the images of Black people in the media, especially in film, whether T.V. Or “the silver screen”, white people in the time of enslavement created the following images in order to keep Black people enslaved:
• “The Mammy”(a big, fat, jet Black, loudmouth and domineering woman in her own home, yet loving, nurturing, and docile in the plantation owner’s home),
• “The Pick-a-ninny” (a small “negro” child, who was generally portrayed as half naked, hair unkempt, afraid of ghosts, and/or being chased or eaten by animals)
• “The Sambo” (the portrayal of a simpleton Black man who always ran away from work, loved to sing and dance, loved having fun and always schemed and thought of creative ways to try to smooth talk or trick people out something (resources)
• “The Coon” (the portrayal of a Black man who feigned intelligence, mispronounced and used words, usually “big” words, out of their proper context- this image would convey, and prove to all, that even if Blacks were set free from being enslaved, they were too ignorant to be able to do anything for themselves-ultimately, they would have to come back to “the master” for assistance and guidance
• “The Uncle”(a docile ole’, generally happy, man in his twilight years who is now projected as having been happy being enslaved and now didn’t mind walking around the plantation telling the young ones about “the good ole’ days”. He was also very submissive.
These, then, are the primary images that the white people, who have power, guns, money, and influence, have passed down to their white children, like a baton in a relay race, from one generation of white media controllers to their progeny. The white children of the creators of these images have added, to our great dismay and displeasure, to this assorted menagerie by their creations and perpetuation of “the Black gangstas, a slicker VERSION of the dumb Black athlete, the loyal Black sidekick-assistant (a cop, a detective, a military man, etc) to the “intelligent” white leader, the thugs, and the “chicken-eatin’-hamburger-eatin’-rap-singin’- happy negro” etc.” This character assassination of Black men, especially, has been continuous, unabated, and relentless, despite years and years of letter writing, in protest, to studio owners, scriptwriters, casting directors, producers, and directors. Yet these letters, written by reputable Black organizations, academicians, and Black people who hold no particular credentials, fall on deaf ears and are thrown into the wastebaskets of people who have another agenda set for Black people. Why do white people utterly refuse to change the negative images of Black people that they are endlessly willing to project to all around the world?
The media are a system, as was pointed out earlier, and perhaps the most important of these is the “psychological system”. The “white psychological system” is designed (through TELL-OUR-VISION, OR TELL-OUR-VERSION) to CONVEY, AND IMPLANT, CONCEPTS OR BASIC IDEAS INTO THE MINDS OF THE VIEWERS that are psychologically and emotionally destructive to Black people and reinforce hatred for Blacks by whites. Many Blacks, and most whites, have been trained to believe that “if it’s on T.V., it must be the truth! Well, Black people, and white people, “it ain’t necessarily so” (as the song goes). Since time does not permit, the following is a brief outline of the “psychological system” and what it is designed to project about, and to, Black people and the world, especially the entire white world:
• Black is ugly, evil and negative: anything that is Black is bad and everything that is white is good. Black people, and the white world, internalized, or absorbed, this concept and believe it, even though it is outside the scope of reality. This is why it is important for people to move outside of what they “think, feel, know and believe”, because these notions generally have no bearing on reality. A quick example:
One might be sitting indoors, in mid-August- and say, “ I think, I feel, I know, or I believe” it is going to snow. Then the person walks outside, into the REALITY, and finds that it is not snowing. So how a person feels, or what she thinks, or what she knows or what she believes is really irrelevant-when these notions are matched against REALITY. This is why it is imperative to always get FACTS about the subject, issue, idea, topic or problem before saying, doing or concluding anything based on “feelings”, “thinking”, “believing” or “knowing” alone and without examining the actual facts.
• The projection that the standard of beauty is “BLOND HAIR, BLUE EYES, THIN LIPS AND HAVE AN ANORECTIC BODY”. Of course, the projection of this CONCEPT, CONVEYED THROUGH THE MEDIA, is very destructive to Black people, both men and women. Why? How? The projection of this concept is so compelling it forces Black women to compare themselves against “the standard”. Black women then have to discover, through self-analysis, whether they fall below the standard, meet the standard or exceed the standard. Invariably, they find they fall below the standard-and spend the rest of their lives trying to “make-up” (figuratively and literally) or compensate for not measuring up to the standard. How do Black women compensate? By going to “beauty parlors” and spending time, untold millions of dollars and destroying their health (chemicals that are put on the scalp seep through the pores and destroy brain cells and poison the organs). The white standard of “beauty” affects Black men in that the men are always comparing Black women against the same white model. White people, who put forward the CONCEPT of the standard of “beauty”, created in Black women, and in all women, for that matter, an inferiority complex that is so deep, Black women would rather face death by chemical poisoning than not perm their hair. Undoubtedly, if Black adults are so brainwashed over this false “standard of beauty”, their children, especially girls who love blond, blue-eyed dolls, don’t have a chance at developing either a strong positive identification with Afrika or enhancing their own self esteem.
• Blacks are “MINORITY”- This CONCEPT, like the concept of beauty, creates in Black people feelings of inferiority because, here, Black people are comparing themselves against “the standard”, or what seems like “the majority”-the white people. In fact, we know that Black people, in the complete context of the world, constitute about ONE BILLION PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. In fact, when
Black people see themselves as part of an international Afrikan family of Black people, who live in Brazil, who live in Trinidad, Blacks who live in england, Blacks who live in australia, and in Afrika, Black people are not a “minority’, at all.
• “Third World”: Most whites, and Blacks, readily assume that the “first world” means the “white world”. This is an understandable assumption, since white people have power, guns, money and influence and they tell people what to think. However, the assumption is incorrect. It is assumed that the white world is the “first world” and that the Asian bloc constitutes the “second world”, presumably, and that Afrika is part of the “third world, presumably. This characterization is outside the scope of REALITY because the first people, in the very first world, according to Black scientists (Diop/Obenga) and white scientists, were Afrikans. So how and why did white people flip the script to make us believe otherwise?
• “Middle East”- discussed earlier
• Thanks to the media, especially T.V., there is a new image of the Black family, absent the Black man. So often we see the Black woman and the children, with no man in the picture. If there is a man in the picture, he is usually in the background, has no significant speaking role (he usually grunts, looks dazed, or smiles only) or is some kind of clown or jokester-usually the joke is on him because he is dumb. In many, many instances, the Black woman stands alone in the commercial, as an “independent woman”, with no need for a man. Or the Black woman is doing the news, and of course, co-hosted with a, you guessed it, white man. Are you getting the idea that there is a grand design to eliminate Black men? If so, why?
In summary, then, the fight Black people have against the “media” is really a battle against CONCEPTS. This is, at best, a very, very difficult battle to win because the minds of Black people are filled to overflowing with white concepts. There is no space left in the minds of Black people for any, or for very few, Black concepts to enter and have sufficient room to take root, grow, develop and flourish. If you have ever worked with concrete mix, you know that initially, when mixed with water, the concrete is malleable and can be shaped. But after it gets hard, you can’t do anything to change it; it cannot be changed. This is what happens to Black people when white concepts get into their minds: there is no room left in their minds’ for the concept of, for example, sending their child to an Independent Black School, or buying books from Black Bookstores, or “buying anything from anyone
Black, for that matter. Black people are so filled with white concepts fulfilling their obligations to the white concepts keep them too busy being slaves to the white concepts, they neither have time for, nor room in their heads’ for, “Black”
Yes, there is a vital need for a Black media collective or better, a Black media SYSTEM-but any Black media system must first figure out how to break through the concrete concepts white people have so shrewdly and skillfully placed into the minds of Black people. Once we figure out the antidote for “white concept bustin’”, we can then effectively conceive, develop, and implement a Black Media System. One thing is absolutely sure, as long as these negative images of Black people, especially of Black men, persist in the various forms of media, you can bet The Black Holocaust is still going on, and in full effect: The Black Holocaust of the mind, that is. When you see an end to these negative depictions of Black people, in movies, on T.V., in magazines, on radio talk shows, there is a pretty good chance the Black Holocaust of the mind has come to an end.
As my saying goes, “The first one to the mind is the winner!!!”
Suggested sources to verify the information above:

  1. University of California, at Berkeley produced two films: Ethnic Notions and Color Adjustment
  2. Film: Black History-Lost, Stolen or Strayed-narrated by Bill Cosby

I am Dr. Kamau Kambon