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I neither fancy myself as a leader nor a hero. I am Afrikan, and see mySelf connected to Afrikans all over the world.

I want Freedom for all Black people.I want Freedom for all Black people.


Be about it

Support and Messages from Contributors

I feel as if you spoke from your heart. I feel as if you have most things right. I feel like you probably would understand how I feel now at 33 as you must.

J. Jackson



I wish it could be more. Peace to you and your family.

G. Stringer



Thanks for getting right with me by rectifying the black problem. When i tried to get right with my fam and lose our destructive functional polite slave relation they said it was a negative view im pushing on people. They dont care thanks for being one of my only elders hope to know u personally.



Awesome Dr. Kambon,
Looks like a class that can be added to what we are doing here with our children.............

"I do not intend for this donation to be my last. Asante sana."

E. Williams



"I apprecilove the work your doing for our people."

R. Kettle



"Thank You Brother, your efforts are not in vain."

J. Johnson Jr.



"One of the things that I've learned from Baba Kambon is that Afrikans cannot conceive of BLACK LIBERATION because yt cannot envision it.  Our whole being has become so filled with european concepts that there is no room for the idea of BLACK LIBERATION (not even at the cellular level).  This is why it's so important that we ReAfrikanize and dewhitenize before tackling the problem.  NOTHING can precede this step!!!"




"King and Queen on point.  I thoroughly enjoyed this broadcast.  Very informative and on point as usual.  BlackNificently delivered.  Much like jazz for the soul.  Correct life saving concepts.  I HOPE people get to hear it if you haven't already had it removed, Brother.  Thank You very much for sharing this w/ me.

I'm surviving.  Ducking and dodging these demons and planning. Love you much.  Black Liberation.
P.S. this is the last vid I did w/ the brothers.  Think U may hear something familiar. 
In this life, want the BEST for you and then proceed to give your BEST to others. That is positive equality."

"I saw you on c-span years ago. I really ,really liked what you said about what we need to do to white people. I am a jazz musician here in Chicago. I don't think our people really realize how evil these people are. Do you know about the new radio station on itunes talk/news war on the horizon. I think you would really like this station. I love you for what you said."




"During the time that I’ve known Baba Kambon, he has always provided me with “correct life saving information.”  The information he provides is accurate, reliable, truthful, relevant, and ahead of the curve.  I can think of numerous times where I relied on the information in books like The Last Book and You Should be Ashamed of Your Nice but Duped Parents II.

Recently, I encountered a situation where one of my neighbors (a white male) threatened to kill all of the black residents in the neighborhood.  I was not surprised by the comments, nor did I panic.  I documented the incident and sent the documentation to the police and the HOA (homeowners association) via certified mail.  Needless to say, it produced immediate results.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the REALITY of this system.

Black Liberation"




"Alafia, when it all falls down (I'm talking about amerikkka) The Black Family will be. True is that we have been taught for years by divine guidance, and you are a blacknificent example. High morals is Immortality. High science in deep thought is Eternity."
K. Shakur

"Brother Kamau, as always I am truly grateful for this information.  I am working to put together a few pennies so I can visit.  It is a struggle to just maintain these days - especially for a proud, unapologetic Afrikan.
The harder it gets, the harder I will work and of course, toward the 'once and for all solution.'  I sincerely appreciate having you as one of my best friends on the planet.  Were it not for you, Brother R. and a few others, it would be extremely difficult for me to keep fighting.
Stay Up!"
L. C.

"Thank you Dr Kamau for your insights into black people emancipation from forces both within and external to themselves.For curiosity purposes, I would like to know whether you have ever traced your ancestral homeland.Which country in Africa did your ancestors come from? Your name sounds Kenyan!Thanks and God bless you."
P. E.

"My name is M______ I'm 13 years old and Im in the 6th grade on my way to the 7th grade at __________ Middle School of Math and Science....
What I learned about what you shared with us over the phone to me and my classmates was never do drugs, smoke or drink because it can mess your body up and you won't be able to function right and you will wonder why that is. We should drink lots of water. Many time we think we are sick but we are really dehydrated. Also I learned that you need to watch your diet and how we eat so much fast food and we don't realize how it's messing inside of our bodies up. Also we don't realize how sick the animals are that our food is made from.
You said learn to have faith in yourself and have hope in yourself. You said you were an athlete and gave up bad eating in just 3 months.
You said stay on the case to uplift the race means always read and always have correct information. Know what's around you and have a great range of information so you can help your people like you helped the man who had a 18 month old baby and was losing his house.
Asante sana, Thank you Baba for speaking to our class."

"I finally had a chance to download and listen to the show you did on C.O.W.S. The introduction to the show is absolutely brilliant.  It really should be recorded and played on the radio!! Music with this important message is powerful. The show was very comprehensive focusing on VERY important issues. Thank you for doing the show."
- Stacy

"Thank you for all you do for Africans globally and I am looking forward to your next appearance on the C.O.W.S. program."
-W. Pope-Knight

"Brother Kamau, though we haven't seen each other in years, the time and distance apart has only increased my appreciation of and love for a man I consider to be one of the most brilliant Brothers in existence, my most honorable Brother Kamau.  Stay strong and steadily on the case!"
- Laanyuni

"Keep doing what you are doing brotha, you have my support."
- A. Onyango



"Greetings Elder. I just wanted to let U know that I honor U and am thankful for all that you've done and continue to do for the race.  While staying on the case.  Black Liberation."
- J. Robinson



"Peace and blessings, I have just finished my first read of  YOU!!! SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!* OF YOUR NICE, BUT DUPED PARENTS!! PART II, Wow!
I believe as a family we made great strides in  breaking away from our parents  not-knowingness and  brainwashing attempts  and provided our children with a de-whitened  home and life experience. We are sure there might be tinges of brainwashing that still need to be removed. We see the benefits of strong RE-AFRIKANIZATION. With that said we would like to purchase five more copies to distribute to our children and teenage grandchildren. Each of them have a  separate household and a circle of friends that they can help de-whiten and kindle the  RE-AFRIKANIZATION process. Please let us know the cost and we will follow instructions.
With the massive mentacide, no Subtle Suicide happening all around us I applaud you and Nana Mayiwah's resolve to continue to stay awake and aware and do all that you can to stay sane. Strong belief in manifesting the ONE BIG IDEA has to an underlining purpose to our actions, and love of who we divinely are is the foundation. For all your research , study, consistence, courage, and many others reasons I said we love and respect you and all those who  are in their RIGHT MIND! Stay strong, creative, aware, in peace,  and good health"
- MaMa Akosua


If you have heard this already, sorry for the duplicate.
If not, then you are inspiring hip hop artists.
A guy named THE REAL LIL DEE has sampled YOU in 1 of his hip hop songs.
Most of his songs are conscious and Afrikan geared...check out some of his other tracks on www.rapmonster.com then look for THE REAL LIL DEE
About 8-10 of his songs I am now gonna be using on my show.
Well, hope all is well with you & your family...

- Kamau/Kweku




"I have been listening to you ever since I saw you on youtube with the C-Span speech. I have nothing but the highest form of respect and admiration for you , your honesty and integrity. I also listen to you(and take notes) everytime you are on the C.O.W.S. I live in Tokyo (I'm not military nor an english teacher) and even though there are several black people out here it is a very lonely world. I swear our people seem desperate to get on the plantation, even here. Anyway I want to just tell you that your work is extremely important. It helps me to realize that I am not crazy when dealing with the system of global white supremacy. Thank You.
By the way, You solution is absolutely correct."

- X. St. Thomas



"Saw the video teaching on the extermination of the white race. very good, well laid out information. im in agreement. hope to hear from you."

- J. White



"Ashe! I appreciate your insight and patience. There was a time when I greatly frustrated myself  by talking to mentally dead folks. Now, to the best of my ability,  I only interact with folks who seem to be full possession of their own innate de-whitened mind. Occasionally the mentally dead, disguised as conscious or so-called revolutionaries appear at my door. However, they are as soon repelled by the positive energy in our space.  I thank you for your continued willingness to share. Are you and sister interested in coming back to the Locks Conference in Philadelphia in October to make  a presentation and/or participate on a panel discussion?  We would be honored to have you return.
Stay strong, creative and aware, in peace and good health for Black Liberation"

- M. A.


"I seen your video about ridding the world of white people(cancer.) Everything you said was right on point. White people are killing themselves. Look at at their low birth rates. The blazing sun light that gives black people energy kills white people off with skin cancer. AmeriKKKa and Europe is bankrupt. Africa economic growth rate is higher then AmeriKKKa and Europe. The future for black people is looking very bright. Even that cracker pat bucanon said the Western(white) world is declining In his books. The books are the death of the west and suicide of a superpower. I hate white people with all my heart deep down inside. I thinking about moving somewhere in South America or Africa. I do not want to be in America when it collapse. We should flee babylon(AmeriKKKa) like the most high said. If most of us choose to stay. We should move out the cities and into the rural areas to build up a farm. We must grow our own food. We must buy gunz, seeds, ammo, suvival gear, books and can goods. We have to learn guns skills, combat skills, and guerrilla warefare. Brother Kambon, I feel a storm coming with the pale white dogs of war. I also feel a race war is coming. Travon martin murder is just the begining. Something far worst is around the block. I feel most of our people(negroes) won't make it When AmeriKKKa collapse. When this collapse happen we may have to kill off some of these negroes off along with white people and other racial groups that have hate for black people. What your opinion on what we should do? Time is running short. The dollar is falling and war with Iran, Russia, and China is on the horizon."


- Clyburn